About Us


Scencia Studios is a part of W&WW Technologies group, Evolved for
corporate CSR activities towards Education, medical and other awareness related
activities. Scencia Studios has been created with a vision to serve the poor people on education, medical aids from the revenue generated. A part of commercial
profit will be spent on education and health for needy and poor people.
W&WW Technologies group has already into CSR activities giving
education to poor and needy people has taken this initiative to increase its
boundaries on CSR activities.

We would kindly request you to subscribe, like and share the channel
with all your friends which will help someone, somewhere, someway for the
needy and poor.


Scencia Health Studios is an awareness program on health-related topics
which showcases the current requirements on health-related awareness.
Mainly focuses on Ortho, infertility, pregnancy and pediatric-related topics.
Here you can always suggest topics and issues related to health queries
and you will get the answer from renowned doctors on the same

Send your Queries to suggestions@scenciastudios.com
Visit: www.scenciastudios.com